Where it all began

Where it all began

The story of one of the biggest industrial post-war brands started in 1939 in Seattle (USA), when Ole Bardahl developed a revolutionary lubricant for engines. After having created the Bardahl Manufacturing Corporation, the Norwegian engineer improved his formula by testing it on race tracks, and in the 1960s, his lubricant became a best-seller in the USA.

The adventure continued in 1954 when Jean Leplat, who worked in his father-in-law’s textile factory, proposed to the Americans to distribute the brand exclusively in France. His son, Dominique Leplat, took over the company in 1970. In 1991, Dominique Leplat and Evelyne Bardahl (Ole Bardahl’s daughter) became partners and Sadaps Bardahl is now the main manufacturer in Europe and some other countries.

Since then, Sadaps Bardahl has been making progress thanks to innovations and products development both on its national and international markets. BARDAHL is still a reference brand for individuals, professionals and high-level sport people.

A revolutionary formula

A revolutionary formula

All Bardahl lubricants are formulated from Polar Plus molecules based on polarization. The molecules act like magnets that allow the oil to durably adhere to engine parts without flowing, ensuring an optimal lubrication.  

The revolutionary properties of the Polar plus formula have often been approved:

By the US army

By the greatest sportmen

In laboratory

In real situation

Bardahl, classified ‘defense secret’

Thanks to its extraordinary efficiency and to its innovating properties, the Polar Plus formula has been classified as ‘secret defense’ by the US Army and was particularly successful during the Second World War as the pilots of the US air force and the Navy could safely land although their aircraft had been hit by enemy bullets.

Bardahl, the motor sport ally

Ole Bardahl was convinced that the best way to test his products and to improve them was to try them with the most demanding people: race drivers. From the start, he has suggested to the local drivers to use them and they have rapidly noticed that thanks to Bardahl lubricants, they had a better position compared to their competitors.

The brand sponsored more and more motorsport teams, no matter the vehicle used: motorbikes, snowmobiles, cars or hydroplanes. Optimize products depending on the real users’ needs has always been the philosophy behind Bardahl innovation.

Bardahl, in association with the greatest drivers


Bardahl present in the most famous races

Laboratory-tested : 40% less wear

Laboratory-tested : 40% less wear

In the early 1960s, a study conducted by York Research gave a real boost to Bardahl's sales. After having conducted exhaustive tests on the most popular engine lubricants in the US, researchers found out that Bardahl product reduced engine wear by up to 40 percent. The brand then rose to the top of sales in the United States.

Tested in real situation: 1,330 km with an empty oil tank

Tested in real situation: 1,330 km with an empty oil tank

In addition to having tested its products in competition and in laboratory, Bardahl has demonstrated its efficiency during the No Oil Runs. The aim of these races without oil is:

  1. To fill the oil tank of a car and empty it after having run the engine for a few minutes.
  2. To drive a long distance and notice any damage to the engine.
In 1999, the Malaysian Bardahl distributor broke the brand's record: two cars traveled 1,330 km with an empty oil tank without overheating and without engine failure.

Bardahl in Europe

Bardahl in Europe

Founded in 1954, the company manufactures and distributes high performance chemical products for different fields of business such as: automotive, industry, DIY, transport, agriculture, marine and motorbikes (additives, lubricants, adhesives, cleaners, maintenance products, bodywork-dedicated products, screenwhashes, coolants, etc.).

SADAPS BARDAHL also produces for the major car manufacturers (Peugeot, Citroën, Renault, VW Group France, Ford, Groupe Fiat France, etc.).

SADAPS distributes the BARDAHL brand into more than 40 countries. 

In 2021, the company generated sales revenues of € 110 million with a 400% growth over 12 years, particularly internal growth, and now accounts for mor than 5,000 finished product references. 

Bardahl worldwide

Today, Bardahl is present on the 5 continents in more than 90 countries. There are production sites in the USA, France, Belgium, Italy, Argentina, Mexico and Brazil.